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Some great info about our 35 years of business.

1985 was a good year to sell crossties! Our company started off selling and installing multi-tier retaining walls in Central Florida in 1985. We bought crossties from the railroad abandonments going on in our local area. Thousands of lineal feet of walls and 1-2 years later we found ourselves joining forces with companies that were actually doing railroad abandonments and going from state to state to remove, grade and ship truckloads of crossties to people that were doing structural landscape work like we had done.

Inevitably, removing the wood ties brings you closer to removing leftover rail spurs and the cars that remain on them as well. We were soon abandoning track for industries and short line railroads from South Florida to Northern Michigan. Sales of ties ranged from truckloads to lumber yards, railcars to railroads and ship loads to the European continent. Crossties were what we started with and that also led to the importation of non-treated ties from South America that did not need the creosote treatment that the local hardwoods needed for longevity. We actually had to give away ties to get people to try them. If it wasn’t black and it did not smell like creosote, the industry did not recognize it as useable! We still offer imported ties, which are actually fire retardant according to Lloyds of London’s classifications, and are very near the new tie prices offered in the creosote market.

The short line railroads that we worked for began asking for other items they needed to run their railroads as well. This brought us into the “niche” market of supplying rail, track machinery, rolling stock (cars) and locomotives to the industry we had been removing track from for years. Seems they were always shorthanded when it came to finding the materials they needed on a daily basis. We have been filling those needs for 29 years. Service with a smile!

Currently we sell Landscape and Relay Crossties, Relay Rail to the short line industry, Structural Rail for fabrication of industrial products, Scrap Rail and Other Track Material for recycling. The dismantling of Railcars also provides scrap for recycling, Used Car Parts, Wheels, Axles and Decks for bridges that range from 50’ to 89’ long. Whether you are buying rail, OTM or relay ties for your short line railroad, structural rail for your industrial applications, Hog Fuel for your boiler, scrap for recycling or landscape ties for your structural or gardening needs, please contact us to let know how we may be able to serve you?

If you can’t find older or smaller gauge rail or track parts, give us a try. We specialize in oddball sizes and needs others may not have the time to locate. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You  

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